Acupuncture is more than needles. Acupuncture reduces anxiety, depression, pain and improves overall health by combining a range of techniques. These include acupuncture, acupressure, massage, moxibustion, cupping and heat therapy.


Our Acupuncturists

Phil Baxter   Adv.Dip Health Sci Acu, Post Grad Cert Manaka, Post Grad Cert. Toyohari (Japan)

A true pioneer in his field Phil developed his own system of diagnoses and therapeutic techniques that combines ancient knowledge and modern technology. Honed through 17 years of clinical practice, Phil’s technique ascertains core issues and helps induce deep states of relaxation to promote optimal healing.

He has a special interest in autoimmune, poly-myalgia, endometriosis and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Josh Leishman   B Hth Sc (Acupuncture)

With a passion for acupuncture and classical formulas (Chinese herbal medicine), Josh studied as an apprentice in Japan and China to learn and see this healing art in practice after his formal university training. Having been in practice for over 20 years Josh has witnessed Acupuncture assist in the relief and/or resolution of many common symptoms and complaints.

It can achieve fast results, and it's pleasant to receive. Treatments involve fine needles and massage of points on the body surface, joints muscles or tendons. It is used for structural, as well as physiological problems ,and to promote wellbeing. 

Classical formulas (herbs), regulate constitutional weakness as well as target symptoms or disorders such as cough, flu etc

Josh likes  to treat all people with all disorders, acute or chronic, in combination with pharmaceutical or other modalities and believes acupuncture can assist most cases.





Phil Baxter

60min consult  $125

Follow up 30min consult  $80

Paediatric 45min $50

Visceral Manupulation 30min consult $80

                                          60 min consult $150


Joshua Leishman

Initial 60min consult  $125

Follow up 60min consult  $125

TCM massage 45 mins $120

TCM Herbal consultation 30 min initial $60


Private health rebates available