Quantum Bioenergetics - The Future of Medicine


Written by Emily Holler

There has been increasing interest in the field of quantum science in recent decades. Some startling discoveries and the incredible world of energy at the sub-atomic level has spawned greater research in this exciting area. Subsequently the importance of our energy body in maintaining overall health has become apparent and there have been breakthroughs in the way we approach healing. Inevitably there are paradigm shifts occurring around what we believe is possible in terms of rebalancing our physical and energetic body and recovering from disease.

Scott Brown is a practitioner who works in the field of Quantum Bioenergetics, a science-based modality which breaks apart previously held conceptions and limitations about how we treat disease. The modality is backed by more than thirty years of research and over a decade of human studies. It works on the premise that our energetic body-field contains blockages related to physical, emotional, environmental and chemical toxins.

The 'NES Health Total Wellness system' utilises unique software called (Nutri-energetic system) to help identify disturbances. Then liquid remedies known as infoceuticals are prescribed, which contain the corrective information required to correct these malfunctions within the body. Our advancements in information technology are truly beginning to impact the way we approach the treatment of disease in our modern world. And yet, treating disease is not the primary focus of this groundbreaking modality as Scott explains:

'As a practitioner of Bioenergetic health, my focus is not centred in disease or its treatment, but rather to the energy and information of the human body-field, the intelligent system governing information flow through the body. Research suggest that the root of disease is at the level of the energy and information of the body'.

So what are infoceuticals and how do they work?


NES infoceuticals are encoded liquid remedies that directly influence the body-field, correcting the way it processes the critical information required by the physical body to operate. Infoceuticals work to correct the distortions detected within the human body-field. The appropriate remedies for correction are prescribed for the patient, who then consumes a daily dose for a prescribed period of time before returning for a follow-up scan to asses corrections and identify new priorities.

A total wellness session consists of scanning an individuals body-field in order to isolate and document prioritised energetic blockages within the system at a given moment in time. Translation of the data is then performed and appropriate infoceuticals prescribed. This is then followed by a relaxing corrective session using a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) device and imprinted sound therapy.

Bioenergetic and Bio-informational health is an evidence based modality centred in biophysics and one that carries far reaching potential for the development of human wellness and consciousness. A real opportunity exists to gain liberation from emotionally imprinted trappings, to uncover and remove hidden pathogenic (virus, bacteria) imprints, ease long held pains and obtain freedom from hidden energetic disturbances.

An important part of the application of the NES system in clinical practice, is its capacity to isolate energetically stored (imprinted) shock or conflict trauma held within what we refer to as 'brain hologram regions. 'This stems from the brilliant and controversial work of German New Medicine Scientist Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer,' says Scott.

'In addition to the identification of such brain imprinted traumas and their energetic correction using infoceuticals; it is believed that an acceleration and deepening of the resolution process can be achieved with the complementary use of tools and techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping EFT) or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).'

NLP is an esteemed modality, which offers an effective approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy. An approach which links the language we habitually use and the brain interactions that coincide as a result. It's clear that when we use negative language this eventuates in repeated unfulfilling outcomes. NLP is a positive self-talk platform that assists in identifying the repeating patterns that may not be serving an individual well in life. This new awareness enables choice and subsequent change for the better.

As the model is build on the foundations of energetics, it naturally follows that our own thoughts and our commitment to the process also play a crucial role in the dynamics of our healing journey. Scott advises that our thoughts are heavily influenced by environmental factors such as diet, which also needs to be addressed.

'To influence some positive control over our thought, I would thoroughly recommend whole-food nutrition and attention to our individual microbiones,' Scott advises. 'Whole-food eating reconnects one to the cycles of the earth. to eat in seasonal-sync provides the intake of food encapsulated with the environmental signals necessary to sustain life. A whole-food lifestyle further affords an abundance of plant material rich in phytonutrients and super important fibre. The fibre is then fermented by gut bacteria into valuable short chain fatty acids, one of which Butyrate, can protect the brain, enhance neuroplasticity and ultimately lead to better brain function.'

'NES Health provides valuable opportunity to go beyond average health to radical wellness for those willing to put time, focus and effort into seeking true transformation. Note, there is no drive to enforce copious amounts of hard physical training on anyone with the bioenergetic approach, however clean, nutrient dense, whole-food eating and lifestyle with general daily movement, is highly encouraged in its support and will support greater lasting outcomes' Scott concludes.

At first glance this approach could appear to be somewhat metaphysical. but the reality is quite different. Quantum bioenergetics deals with 'energies of matter' that are tangible and measurable. NES health provides the first truly comprehensive and coherent link between biochemistry and bioenergetics. An exciting breakthrough in health for humanity. Bioenergetics and the NES Health Total Wellness System can assist patients in making the transformation towards their full potential and realising radical wellness.

If you're suffering from chronic illness or simply feel out of sorts, then the NES health system could be an ideal approach, Even if you're healthy, this groundbreaking science can support you in reaching your fullest potential. Contact us at The Health Lodge to book an assessment and treatment with Scott Brown.