We’re excited to welcome Dr Jef Reinten as our new resident General Practitioner, enriching the team with his mainstream medical approach. He believes that mainstream, integrative and complementary therapies can work in synchronicity to serve patients of our community.

Dr Jef graduated from Melbourne University in 2011 with an MBBS and spent his first year as a doctor in Alice Springs Hospital. He then moved to Melbourne where he worked in a variety of hospitals and specialties, with a particular interest in emergency medicine.

Dr Jef entered the speciality of general practice because he came to value spending time with patients and understanding the unique circumstances of their lives and challenges. He is at his best when faced with complex symptoms that don’t have an easy explanation, and thrives on the opportunity to help uncover the diagnosis and working collaboratively with a team, including naturopath's, body therapists, and mental health specialists, to ensure an effectively holistic approach is taken for treatment.

Applying a collaborative approach, Dr Jef values time spent with patients and works with you to develop a comprehensive health plan. He provides a thorough assessment of your presenting issues and determines a pathway to help alleviate symptoms to improve your health and well being. 

He devotes time to ongoing research and education, to ensure he can uncover the answers to all his patients’ questions.

Get a health check today.  Dr Jef Reinten is available every Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs.

Drop in acute clinic 9 to 10am

20 min consultation for simple issues 

40 min consultation for multiple issues

Skin Clinic appointments 

Book online or call 02 6685 6445 for appointments

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