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Our Vision

"Over the years the team of practitioners I have worked with, from doctors to physiotherapists and naturopaths, has grown, as has my patients’ abilities to achieve wellness. The insights I gathered while observing this phenomena of integrative medicine led me to envision a place where patients could receive comprehensive health care that employed a range of modalities.
I wanted to create a haven for patients where they could receive all the treatment they needed to regain health - offering medical, psychological, nutritional, herbal and physical support.
Today, I am excited to offer you this vision as a reality. Changing the future of medicine, together!"
 Reine DuBois - Clinical Director
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Integrated Approach

Our team is a working model of how medical and complementary healthcare can successfully work together

We know first-hand that when a patient moves from specialist to specialist it causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Our integrative approach means that treatments are identified effectively - we take patients on a journey towards long-term optimal health, not just temporary symptom relief.  By understanding their treatment patients re-claim their health journey and feel respected and cared for. 

It is our hope that more people suffering from chronic illness will find greater health through a style of treatment that is extremely considerate of their needs.

Combined Consultations

Combined consultations are a very important aspect of working in an integrative way. As the old saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one’.  Through working together practitioners at The Health Lodge are better able to understand the underlying causes of your condition.

Sharing our knowledge, with your permission, allows us to refine our understanding of your unique, biological profile and individuality and address your particular illness accurately and with greater success.

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Integrative Combinations commonly used:

  • Doctor and Naturopath
  • Naturopath and Chiropractor
  • Psychologist and Doctor
  • Acupuncturist and Naturopath
  • Doctor and Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist and Naturopath
  • Osteopath and Physiotherapist

You may choose any of these combinations. We recommend you discuss your options with reception at the time of booking so that they can co-ordinate the sessions.


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