Health Clinic

Consultations at our medical clinic are available for a single service with any of our highly qualified practitioners. However, every patient has the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of our entire team of health experts. 

We also offer combined consultations for patients needing the skill of both a doctor and naturopath at the same time.


Medical Retreats

For patients that need a focused approach to regaining their health.  Stay in our private inpatient facilities and have access to the whole team within a coordinated program. A tailored diet is designed as part of the treatment regime with cooking demonstrations to assist skills and knowledge needed for the return home. Click here to download our brochure and learn more about treatment options for different chronic health conditions. 

IV Vitamin Therapy.JPG

IV Vitamin Therapy

I.V. vitamin therapy is a means by which a healthy and safe dose of nutrients are given to a patient through their circulatory system using either a drip or injection.  A consultation with one of our doctors, with specialised training in intravenous nutrient therapy from ACNEM is required to evaluate the suitability and type of vitamin therapy specific to your needs.  The Health Lodge is the only medical clinic in Byron Bay that provides I.V. vitamin therapy.

Whether you're fighting a cold, struggling with chronic illness or in pain, the highest level of care in our medical clinic is vital to your recovery

Integrative Doctors

Our doctors are experts in the field of general medicine with a respectful understanding of how working with naturopathic healthcare can help optimise results for their patients.


Allied Health

Our experienced therapists are dedicated to bring you back to a place of total wellness.  Select a practitioner or modality to suit your needs.

Herbal Dispensary

Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday's between 9am and 5pm. One of our fully qualified naturopaths will be on hand to assist you.  No appointment necessary.