The Health Lodge was established by a group of Australia’s leading health and medical professionals who understand that patients deserve more. They know first-hand that when a patient moves from specialist to specialist, it causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. They also know that when a specialist only searches for answers within their own field of medicine, treatments are disjointed or - at worst - just don’t work.

 The Health Lodge team is a working model of how medical and naturopathic healthcare can successfully work together.

This integrative approach means that treatments are identified faster - we take patients on a journey towards long-term optimal health, not just temporary symptom relief.

By understanding their treatment, patients re-claim their health journey and feel respected and cared for.  It is our hope that more people suffering from pain or a chronic illness, will become truly well through a style of treatment that is just simply…better.


To discuss how The Health Lodge can help you or your loved one, please call 02 6685 6445.