Whilst experts in general medicine, our doctors are leaders in Functional Medicine, a practice focused on underlying causes of disease, rather than symptoms.  Our doctors are expertly trained to know how to involve complementary and allied healthcare to optimise results for their patients.  Access the support you need Australia wide via Skype consultations with our Integrative Doctors.  

Combined GP and Naturopath consultations are available in our Byron Bay medical clinic and Australia wide via Skype.  Our Integrative Doctors and Naturopaths work closely to share their knowledge of biochemistry, nutrition and herbalism, providing a greater platform for understanding the causes of chronic health issues.

Dr Marcus Hewitson - circle.png

Dr Marcus Hewitson  MBBS, B.Sc (Med) FRACGP

Dr Marcus Hewitson is an experienced GP with a passion for preventative medicine and unravelling the intricate world of complex illnesses to offer his patients relief and recovery.  In 2011 his own illness experience led him deep into the world of functional medicine. Marcus utilises a holistic approach incorporating western medical, nutritional, environmental and integrative principles. 

He has special interests in wellness and  preventative medicine, brain and gut disorders and complex illnesses.

Initial consultations with Dr Marcus Hewitson is 60 minutes. He combines a comprehensive patient assessment with functional pathology testing to find and address the root cause of disease. For complex chronic health issues, Dr Marcus offers a 90 minute initial consultation which allows for a holistic and comprehensive medical examination. 

Please bring all test and imaging results, and any medications and supplements you are taking. Dr Marcus will go through all of these, and perform a detailed physical examination. Advanced payment is required for the 90 minute session.


Dr Mario Alam MBBS, FRACGP

Dr Mario Alam advocates for and embodies a ‘whole of picture’ approach to health. He knows how Western Medicine, spiritual and holistic healing can work together for complete health.  Dr Mario does this all while responding to each individual patient’s unique circumstances.

Having studied among global leaders in the Health and Personal development industry, he brings together the best of both worlds – a vast experience of integrative holistic therapies with a background of Western Medicine.

Dr Mario’s techniques and treatments includes western medicine, preventative medicine, psychosomatic medicine and wellness mentoring.

Dr Sanjee Xavier - circle.png

Dr Sanjee Xavier MBBS, FRACGP, Biobalance, ACNEM

Dr Sanjee Xavier is a caring and thorough GP with a passion for Integrative Medicine. He believes in the importance of treating the root cause of health issues and has a team based approach with other health practitioners. He has a holistic approach with emphasis on optimising lifestyle aspects.

Dr Sanjee graduated from The University of Auckland in 2004. He completed his internship in Melbourne and then worked in the Emergency Departments over the east coast of Australia. Dr Sanjee moved to Western Australia in 2006 and soon after started working in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. He then completed his RACGP training and discovered his passion in Integrative Medicine.  

His special interests include mental health/addiction and biotoxin (mould) illness.  He has done training with ACNEM, A5M, ACNM, SIBO.test, Bioscreen, Shoemaker/ CIRS protocols and Biobalance.

Dr Sanjee enjoys nature, travelling, yoga, meditation, spirituality and maximising wellbeing.

Dr Oscar Serrallach - circle.png

Dr Oscar Serrallach  MBChB, FRACGP

Dr Oscar Serrallach’s patients benefit from his diverse experience and thirst to remain at the cutting edge of wellness medicine. A thirst that led him down the path of studying and practicing functional medicine, whilst addressing the multi factorial aspects of health and well being.

He is a leader in the field of postnatal health and it was through the experience of his own family and the lens of functional medicine that he came to realise the huge impact that nutrition, lifestyle and the environment have on the postnatal period. Oscar has spent the past eight years devoted to the identification and treatment of Postnatal Depletion, which he suspects up to 50% of mothers suffer, to some degree.

Read Goop's Q&A with Dr Oscar on Postnatal Depletion.

Dr Oscar is bringing his knowledge and expertise on Postnatal Depletion and 4th trimester healing with the launch of his book The Post Natal Depletion Cure. Working exclusively with the team at The Health Lodge, Dr Oscar has developed a screening and treatment protocol that addresses the requirements of fourth trimester healing.

provides personalised treatment plans for patients experiencing Postnatal Depletion.

For more information about Postnatal Depletion health consultations and to book an appointment with Dr Oscar click here.

Learn more about Dr Oscar Serrallach at www.oscarserrallach.com

Dr Camilla White - circle.png

Dr Camilla White MBBS, Holistic Health Coach IIN

Dr Camilla White is passionate about women's and children's health, nutrition and preventative medicine.  She has a particular interest in providing medical, nutritional and emotional support to women, especially mothers, from preconception and pregnancy through to the postnatal period and parenthood.

After almost 10 years working in the public hospital system, mostly in Emergency Medicine, Dr Camilla has decided to focus her experience on treating the underlying cause of disease, not just the symptoms.  She is particularly interested in preventing chronic disease and creating long-lasting positive health changes with a holistic approach to mind body medicine.

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