Vitamins available at The Health Lodge

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  • Intravenous Vitamin C
  • Intravenous Magnesium
  • Intravenous Zinc
  • Intravenous B Vitamins
  • Intravenous Glutathione
  • Intravenous Iron
  • Intravenous DMPS
  • Intramuscular Vitamin D
  • Intramuscular Vitamin B12

A consultation with our Medical Doctors, who have undertaken specialised training in intravenous nutrient therapy with ACNEM is required to evaluate the suitability and type of vitamin therapy for a patient's individual needs.

Our Nurses administering Intravenous Vitamins   

Megan Morsini - circle.png

Megan Morisini  Registered Nurse

Megan has worked as a nurse in private and public hospitals for over 20 years and brings with her great expertise and cannulation experience. She has achieved her accreditation for Intravenous Cannulation. Megan is a nurse who is passionate about caring for people, from children right through to the elderly. She is excited to be working in an integrative team.


Kumari Wheeler  Registered Nurse

Kumari trained at the Royal London Hospital in the UK and worked for several years on one of the first dedicated HIV/AIDS wards.  Her work has been predominantly community based, working as a generalist community nurse with a particular interest in palliative care and has had a long standing interest in integrated health.  Kumari works as a community nurse for DVA and is also a qualified cranial sacral therapist.