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Miles Sanderson Ka Huna Massage

Somatic Experiencing

As a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Miles works closely with individuals to help resolve trauma or accumulated stress within their system.   His individualised sessions respect the needs and safety of each client and promote more of a sense of well-being within.   As a result of this clients are able to find freedom from things that have been affecting their lives either in the short term or for some decades.   Sessions can be either a ‘face-to-face’ therapy, use hands-on touch, or be a combination of the two.   Somatic Experiencing is not about re-telling the story – Miles works to educate the client and their system to find peace within. As a result of this, the trauma event/s lose their charge and clients find relief, often feeling more like themselves and are therefore able to live a more harmonious life.

Ka Huna Bodywork

As a Ka Huna Body worker, Miles works to promote a sense of overall health and well-being for each client.   He tailors each session so that individual needs can be met and it is often a journey into the head, heart and soul of the system. Clients come to see Miles whether they want a relaxing massage or are working with something deep within the cells. His caring and intuitive approach used with his multi-disciplinary skill-set brings lasting results.

Ilse van Oostenbrugge - circle.png

Ilse van Oostenbrugge Physiotherapy Massage

Types of massage: remedial, sports massage, relaxing, Swedish and soft tissue techniques

Ilse  can work “head to toe” finding and releasing tension where she finds it or it can be a very targeted, focused session such as a dedicated upper body, shoulders and neck session.

As a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist,  Ilse understands what is helpful for your condition or treatment goal. She has the ability to combine gentle soft tissue techniques with various (stronger) kneading techniques.

She will check in with you several times during the session to make sure that your comfort levels are met. No matter what techniques you prefer, you can expect a caring, professional, heart centred touch.

Session time can be tailored to your needs. Rebates might apply. Available Saturday's.

Kristin Zanoti - circle.png

Kristin Zanotti Naturopathic Massage

With 20 years experience as a massage therapist, Kristin offers massage that is nourishing and intuitive with a  strong therapeutic focus.

Types of massage: remedial, relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy, lymphatic drainage

Kristin uses a variety of essential oils, herbally infused oils and flower essences tailor made for a truly personalised and holistic massage.

As a naturopath all of Kristin’s massage treatments include a 15 minute naturopathic consultation to ascertain best products to use in the massage as well as general naturopathic advice.

Simon Sullivan - circle.png

Simon Sullivan Osteopathic Massage

In addition to providing Osteopathic consultations, Simon is available for one of the best remedial massages in Byron Bay. 

Simon has worked for 10 years as a massage therapist prior to completing his osteopathic studies. He has successfully worked with top sporting teams including the Queensland and New Zealand rugby league and New South Wales cricket teams. 

With his in depth understanding of the bodies  structure and function Simon is able to relieve tension and tightness from restrictions creating freedom of movement through deep tissue massage.

Joshua Leishman - circle.png

Joshua Leishman Traditional Chinese Medical Massage

Josh offers a 45 min massage incorporating meridian work and acupuncture points with his technique. This style of massage is deeply therapeutic and supports recovery from injury, chronic inflammatory conditions, immune and digestive disorders. TCM massage will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged after having your energy centers balanced.

This form of massage is wonderful for mental health support lifting mood and settling anxiety.

Josh also prescribes Chinese herbal medicine to complement his treatments.