Customised wellness plans for chronic health conditions

Feeling chronically unwell means you can lose the ability to live a full and happy life. It can also be difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. At The Health Lodge in Byron Bay we have assembled a team of medical and holistic practitioners who can help you find answers to your chronic health condition and provide a personalised wellness plan to put you on the path to recovery.


Using a combined approach of cutting-edge medical and complementary practices, the underlying cause of your symptoms can gradually become clear. This allows us to tailor the most effective treatment protocol for your condition. We’re serious about improving your quality of life in the long-term, so we make sure that a medical retreat at The Health Lodge, where you are listened to and nurtured, focuses solely on addressing the chronic health aliment that robs you of true wellness.

Byron Bay is a world-famous wellness hub, renowned for its healing oceans, volcanically charged land, exceptional organic produce and clean air. It also attracts some of Australia’s best health care practitioners. For all of these reasons it is the perfect place to begin the journey that will take you towards healing.

5-star health programs tailored to your needs

From the moment you arrive at The Health Lodge to embark on your personalised health retreat to the moment of your departure, we ensure you have everything you need for your journey to positive health results.

Unlike other retreats that simply offer a time-out from day-to-day life, our medical-based, investigative programs are designed to effect long-lasting wellbeing by giving you answers to your chronic health issues and the tools you need to address them.

Our pioneering, integrative medical wellness retreat program includes:

  • All therapeutic sessions with your entire team of health care professionals
  • A personalised menu written by our nutritionist and prepared by our chef
  • Beautiful in-house accommodation with your own private, spacious facilities and bathtub
  • Coordinated team meetings to discuss your health findings and look deeper into the drivers behind your condition
  • An after-care program to support you at home with ongoing Skype sessions
  • Free time to experience the beaches and beauty of Byron Bay

Generally, patients stay at The Health Lodge between one to four weeks, depending on their needs and wellness program structure.  To see a sample structure of your Wellness Program click here.

The Wellness Kitchen Philosophy

Eating well is a vital part of your journey towards achieving optimal health.Our Wellness Kitchen is the most important dispensary we offer because we believe food can be your medicine. 

We provide our medical retreat guests with food that is local, seasonal and organic, offering a delicious array of fruits and vegetables, local fish and grass-fed meat, and catering to vegetarians and other dietary requirements. With these healthy choices, the Wellness Kitchen is able to create a food experience that is pleasurable, nutritious and healing. No bland meals. Just food packed with taste, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and love.

Because relieving illness through food is an integral part of The Health Lodge’s healing program we also tailor every meal to your bio-individuality. You’ll share lunch with your naturopath to discuss how to use food to enhance your wellbeing, and even better, participate in private, hands-on cooking lessons so you can return home with the confidence to prepare nourishing and delicious food in your own kitchen.

Image source @chefsamgowing and @my.wholefood.hub

Medical Retreat Overview

1. Initial assessment

One of our specialised health practitioners will talk to you via Skype or phone so that we have a comprehensive health history and outline of dietary requirements before you arrive.

2. Functional pathology testing

At The Health Lodge we use the latest scientific testing to help us paint a complete picture of your health. We will conduct a number of functional pathology tests including gastrointestinal, hormonal, nutritional, food sensitivity and general pathology screening.

3. Therapeutic treatment

Your health team will collaborate closely with you to deliver a personalised health plan made up of therapeutic treatments that enable you to effectively address your chronic health condition.

4. After-care program

Upon check out you will receive a comprehensive and easy-to-use after-care program as well as complete records of your consultations and diagnostic reports. Follow up sessions are arranged via Skype or phone.

Accommodation in Byron Bay

The Health Lodge offers comfortable and peaceful in-patient facilities, providing a healing sanctuary that caters for all your needs during your journey back to health.

The tranquil and totally private setting provides a nurturing environment for assessment, intensive treatment and long-term wellness planning.


Program Costs

The cost of your personalised medical retreat includes:

  • An initial intake phone or Skype consultation to ensure we have all your case details to present to the team and design your program
  • In-house accommodation with your choice of en suite with bathtub or shared bathroom facilities serviced daily
  • A front-line team of doctor, nurse, naturopath and psychologist
  • Full support of our expert medical and complementary health team, tailored to your needs – this can include medical doctors, naturopathy, psychology, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, meditation and massage therapy
  • Nutritionist and chef who will transform your individual eating plan into delicious organic meals specific to your health requirements
  • A personal health director who will oversee and coordinate every aspect of your care during your stay
  • A comprehensive discharge report outlining treatment findings, extra pathology results, dietary direction and recipes, plus follow-up appointment times
  • Airport transfers from Ballina or Coolangatta if required
  • A week long  all-inclusive program costs $ 8,900 plus GST (inclusive of practitioner sessions). Medicare and private health insurance rebates may apply
  • Additional costs may include diagnostics, consultation with specialists, IV vitamins, supplementation and medication

Medical Retreats Enquiry

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Medical Retreats Booking

Contact one of our Program Co-ordinators to start the intake process today – cost $250 which is refundable once you book your program.  

Skype consultations are available for patients from all over Australia, so rest assured you can still access the support you need, wherever you are. 

The Health Lodge can help you understand what is robbing you of your health and support you to regain control of your wellbeing.

Medical Retreat Cancellation Policy
If, after booking and paying for a Medical Retreat, you are unable to attend, the following refund policy will apply:

Cancellations 7 days or more prior to the commencement of the Medical Retreat will incur an administration fee of $250. The full amount minus the $250 administration fee will be refunded to you within 10 business days.

Cancellation 7 days to 72 hours prior to commencement of the Medical Retreat will incur an administration fee of $1000. The balance of the payment will be refunded to you within 10 business days.

Cancellation 72 hours or less prior to commencement of the Medical Retreat will incur a full fee charge, no refunds are given.