Integrative Health Programmes  



Chronic Health Packages

Chronic Health Program

Total Health and Wellness Program for Chronic Health Conditions

There are few places in Australia where those struggling with chronic conditions and complex medical conditions can go to get comprehensive integrated medical care as well as time to stop, rest, be nurtured and heal.

This health stay combines a proven formula of medical and naturopathic healthcare to re-assess your health from a different perspective.

When your medical and naturopathic team work together, your total wellbeing is cared for as you move toward optimal health.

Cost $11,900 plus GST per week  (medicare and private health rebates available)


Rejuvenation Health Packages

Carer Program

Wellness and Rejuvination Carer program

Being a full-time carer of someone who is chronically ill is never easy and the health and well-being of carers is often overlooked.  The Health Lodge team understand the difficulties you, as a carer face, as well as the exhaustion and at times, hopelessness you may feel.

Our Carer Program offers you complete rejuvenation and replenishes the strength you need to fulfill your imperative role. While your loved one receives treatment at The Health Lodge, your needs and support faculties are also attended to and nurtured.

Cost $2900 + GST per week (medicare and private rebates available)




Day Fix Health Programs  

  Day Fix Program

1 day program to get a team perspective of your condition

This is a one-day opportunity to discover the real causes behind your health conditions and to realise your health’s potential.

Your Day Fix Program is customised and includes a selection of the following:

• Comprehensive Medical Assessment with11 one of our integrative GP's

• Naturopathic Consultation in combination with a GP

• Acupuncture session

• Nutritious chef-prepared organic lunch

• IV vitamin therapy

• Osteopathic Massage

Cost $990 plus GST for the full day (Medicare and private health rebates available)