Movement is essential for wellness. Our yoga and pilates studio is a quiet peaceful place that provides a space for you to regain core strength and balance.


Our Yoga/Pilates Instructors


Michelle Jutzi  BNat, BClinSciNut, DipRM

Michelle teaches a Vinyasa flow form of yoga that co-ordinates movement with breath. Vinyasa flow develops mind-body connection and allows one to tune into the self with greater awareness. Understanding one’s own needs and the underlying emotional attachments that cause ill health – by simply observing – is the first and hardest step on the road to recovery.


Ilse van Oostenbrugge  BAppSc (Physio), CHEK NLC 3, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor

Using the foundation of core strength to assist with the recovery from long term illness, Isle has a full pilates studio here at The Health Lodge. She combines gentle strengthening techniques to assist patients in their journey towards wellness.



Private 60 min session $100

Private 90 min session $140

Group Classes 90 min - $20 per person