“The Greatest Wealth is Health” Virgil

Australia has one of the best health care systems in the world. However, for those suffering chronic illness, most Australians are out of pocket for specialist fees, surgery and loss of income from time off work.

At The Health Lodge, our team of health experts work collectively to solve chronic conditions that are neglected within the acute healthcare system.  We are dedicated to developing a new paradigm of health solutions for patients in our care.

When you invest in Integrative Medicine, you will receive unprecedented collaboration from our team of health professionals.  Together we work to crack the code of your illness to understand the drivers of your condition in order to tailor a program just for you.  Investing in this model of medicine, buys you back the power to manage and maintain your most precious asset – your health.

We've developed payment options for people experiencing financial difficulty.  Please contact our Client Support team on +61 02 6685 6445 or email info@thehealthlodge.com.au to discuss eligibility.

*Prices are subject to change. Please contact us on 6685 6445 if you have any questions.


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Every week the entire team meet to discuss the combined care of patients. To date this has proven to be one of the most powerful forms of integration that takes place at The Health Lodge. The knowledge practitioners learn during these meetings about a patients’ complex health conditions is profound.