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Miles Sanderson Somatic Experiencing

Miles works closely with clients to help resolve trauma or accumulated stress within their system.   His individualised sessions respect the needs and safety of each client and promote a sense of well being within.   As a result of this, clients are able to find freedom from things that have been affecting their lives either in the short term or for some decades.  

Life and its events can be challenging, which often lead to contraction within the body and mind. Sessions with Miles help to identify how to let go of holding patterns to create peace and harmony throughout the whole system in order to have the capacity to function well. Sessions can be either a face-to-face therapy, use hands-on touch, or be a combination of the two.

Somatic Experiencing is not about re-telling the story as Miles works to educate the client and their system to find peace within. Through this process, the trauma event/s lose their charge and clients find relief often feeling more like themselves and are therefore able to live a more harmonious life.

Who is Somatic Experience good for?

  • People who have suffered from shock/trauma
  • People who have tried lots of modalities and don’t seem to get results but know there is room for improvement
  • Ideal as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with talk-therapies
  • Post-pregnancy care and support for mothers
  • PTSD - discharging accumulated energy within the system
  • Digestive issues - more ‘rest and digest’ through the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Sleep - less pressure & anxiety means more rest & life force
  • Balancing emotions and enhancing ability to be with them
  • Promoting more connection throughout the body and mind

Sessions can be a mixture of massage and therapy. Treatments are designed to help find relief from accumulated stress, trauma and tension, offering tools to find more freedom and peace within. Through hands-on and spoken techniques we work together to find harmony in the system in a way that feels safe and supportive which promotes ongoing health and well being.  


Elushia Parker Somatic Experiencing

Elushia draws from 12 years of applied experience in body work with Somatic Experiencing as her central modality and brings a nurturing and caring approach to resolve trauma. Through the creation of a nurturing space, Elushia facilitates the release of patterns of holding or bracing, which can deeply fatigue the mind, body and emotions that are calling to be witnessed.

Her areas of interest include early developmental trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety disorders and sexual abuse.  

What can you expect from a Somatic Experiencing Session?

Elushia’s approach re-establishes resilience and assists in creating a more holistic experience of life. through respectful dialogue, she establishes a sense of being met at a level that bypasses the mind and instills a sense of safety and trust. Sessions are intuitive and include building body supported awareness and/or gentle touch. The session will support the nervous systems thwarted response to fight, flight and freeze to gently resolve and achieve results without re-living trauma.

Minimise stress and potential trauma of surgery

Medical procedures can be emotionally and physically challenging. In the lead up to a procedure Somatic Experiencing can help prepare your body for the best possible recovery:

  • Pre and Post-operative hands on support
  • Recover more easily from invasive impact upon the body
  • Direct touch that helps prepare the area to go through a procedure with resilience
  • Support with anxiety and holding that may come with anticipation of the procedure
  • Recover your sense of self after reactions to medications and anaesthesia

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