Why Telehealth Is Working For Psychological Counselling

    By Simon DuBois, Psychologist I confess, I felt pretty disappointed when we had to close our doors at The Health Lodge and I had to rely on the internet and phone to keep connected with my patients. How was I going to give my patients what they really needed through my computer? And […]

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) for Treatment of Depression and Pain

    By Simon DuBois, Psychologist The idea that an electric current through the brain might improve its functioning isn’t new. The physician of Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar described how placing live torpedo electric fish over the scalp could relieve headaches (1) . Most people associate brain stimulation treatments with electro-convulsive therapy – a psychiatric […]

How chronic illness effects mental health

    Written by Simon DuBois, Psychologist Being under the load of a chronic health issue is emotionally and psychologically stressful in the extreme. It creates a lot of uncertainty and fear about how we will cope. Our brains have been designed over millions of years to identify and ward off threats, but it really […]

Top Six Mindfulness Apps

By Simon DuBois – Psychologist, The Health Lodge As a Psychologist, I am using Mindfulness training more and more in my daily treatment of clients. Mindfulness helps us identify when our minds are engulfed by unhelpful, stress-producing thoughts, and encourages mental distance from them. We are then in a better position to achieve emotional calm and […]

What is Blastocystis?

Blastocystis spp. infection- Blastocystosis Blastocystis spp. is a group of parasites that is sometimes found in the lower intestine (large bowel). Infection with Blastocystis spp. is called blastocystosis. Blastocystis spp. is thought to be transmitted through oral-fecal contact from poor hand washing and hygiene practices, ingesting contaminated food or water, and exposure to animals. Our […]

What are eating disorders? Treating with mainstream and complementary medicine

What are eating disorders? Eating disorders are a complex and serious group of mental illnesses associated with significant problems with eating habits, weight management practices, and body image. People with eating disorders have extreme attitudes towards food intake, weight, and body shape. These factors become unhealthy preoccupations, interfere with daily activities, and negatively impact quality […]

Motor Neurone Disease – integrative treatment approach

What is motor neurone disease? The muscles that allow us to speak, breath, swallow, and move around are all controlled by nerve cells called neurones. In motor neurone disease (MND) these neurones stop working normally. Muscles need to be used to stay strong and function properly, and without neurons to activate them, muscles gradually weaken […]

What is ulcerative colitis? An integrated treatment approach

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a general term that covers a number of conditions that involve inflammation of the bowel. The two main types of IBD are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In this week’s blog we will discuss ulcerative colitis, and you can find out more about Crohn’s disease in last week’s blog. What […]

What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac disease is a chronic disease of the small intestine (also called the small bowel) caused by intolerance to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt and kamut. Cause of coeliac disease  As we mentioned above, coeliac disease is caused by an abnormal immune reaction to the protein gluten. In […]

What is Crohn’s Disease – An integrated treatment approach

In the next two blogs we will be discussing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD is a general term that covers a number of conditions that involve inflammation of the bowel. The two main types of IBD are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In this week’s blog we will discuss Crohn’s disease, and you can find […]

Hypothyroidism – An Integrated Treatment Approach

To understand what hypothyroidism is, it is important to first understand what the thyroid is, and the role of the thyroid in the body. The thyroid is a small gland located at the front of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. The thyroid is responsible for releasing two thyroid hormones, T3 and T4. These […]

What is Depression? Part 2: Simon DuBois, Psychologist

Differentiating between depression and sadness A good way to think about the experience of sadness and whether that experience has become truly problematic is to consider the extent to which that sadness interferes with the capacity to maintain involvement in fundamentally important things that make up daily life. If you are unable to maintain your […]

What is depression? Part 1 Simon DuBois, Psychologist

What is depression? Knowing whether you are depressed or just feeling sad for a very good reason isn’t as easy to work out as it sounds. Yet the importance of being able to make this distinction is very important. Depression in its true form is an experience that is debilitating to one’s life. Well, if […]

Medical and Alternative solutions for Chronic Pain

I have spent many years searching for an answer to my chronic pain, and it has been a long and lonely road. There is not an area of my life that has not been changed by chronic pain. I have lost friends, and it has stopped me playing sports and enjoying my social life. I […]

Medical and Alternative care – Depression

Having been in practice for many years its easy to take for granted what the alternative health industry has to offer to our clients. I was reminded of this fact when I met a new patient yesterday who came seeking support to address his depression. He came thinking that medication was the only way his […]

Wheat – The Great Pain Killer

As a naturopath, I frequently help my patients to identify their wheat intolerance. Upon receiving the final diagnostics that wheat is no longer tolerated by the body I started the discussion with my patient about excluding wheat from the diet, I am often met with a wide range of responses from – “I would rather […]