Foundations of a Healthy Diet – 1: Energy Balance Through Diet

This talk is the first in a three part series concerning Foundations of a Health Diet, with dietary education to support us in taking the best approach with our diet for optimal health and energy balance. Hannah talks about Macronutrients, micronutrients, dietary energy and expenditure, the estimated energy requirement, and basal metabolic rate. Finally Hannah talks about the Easy Diet Diary App (free and no advertising) and how she can use this with you to design a diet best supported to you.

Hannah Cunningham is an integrative and functional Naturopath with a deep understanding of nutritional biochemistry and routine pathology testing who works with her clients to identify the main drivers of what’s causing imbalance within the body. Hannah uses holistic case taking and pathology interpretation to determine the steps required back to optimal health. She will provide you with an individualised comprehensive treatment plan and tailored nutritional, herbal and dietary medicine. Hannah is passionate about being a facilitator in your health journey, providing education within her consults to help you understand your body and to empower you to be the best version of oneself through preventative health care.

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