Foundations of a Healthy Diet – 3: Healthy Diet Choices 

Hannah’s final talk in her series takes a focus on healthy diet choices and builds on her previous talks on optimal energy balance in your diet, eating macronutrients in the correct distribution range and then putting this information together to show us what healthy food and diet choices look like. Hannah also reflects on what diet means and how nutritional medicine plays a role in supporting us in making good diet choices while providing clear dietary principles to follow. Learn about the dirty dozen, the clean 15 and the Mediterranean diet.

Hannah Cunningham is an integrative and functional Naturopath with a deep understanding of nutritional biochemistry and routine pathology testing who works with her clients to identify the main drivers of what’s causing imbalance within the body. Hannah is passionate about being a facilitator in your health journey, providing education within her consults to help you understand your body and to empower you to be the best version of oneself through preventative health care.

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