Integrative Medical Retreats

Personalised wellness programs to help manage your health and reclaim your quality of life.

At The Health Lodge, our medical retreat centers offer you a personal, private space, allowing you to become immersed in your care and healing process. These health retreats are tailored to your unique needs and health concerns.

Utilising our integrative approach, you’ll receive both medical and complementary therapies, enabling you to benefit from a supportive structure that assists your healing process. During your stay at our medical retreat centers, we listen to your concerns, provide a nurturing environment and focus on addressing the health issues that rob you of true wellness.

How to get started

Assessment & Program Coordination

Your program begins with an initial 60-minute intake phone or telehealth consultation with our program coordinator to plan your personalised health retreat. During this consultation, we take an in-depth case history, review your pathology and specialist reports and organise further tests, if necessary.

Following this consultation, your case is presented to our healthcare professional team of 20 practitioners and they develop your individualised treatment program. Once your program is finalised, we book the dates at our medical retreat centre, arrange accommodation and plan your meals with our Wellness Chef.


Customised health programs empower better health

Our health programs are designed to bring you long-lasting well-being by not only giving you answers to your health issues, but also the tools you need to address these issues.

At The Health Lodge, our GPs practice functional medicine, a discipline focused on treating the underlying causes of disease, rather than the symptoms alone. With a strong knowledge of how to combine complementary and allied healthcare, our professional team is at the forefront of functional healthcare.

This collaborative and integrative approach ensures that you receive multiple treatment modalities, as well as the collective knowledge of a dedicated team.

Overview of our medical retreat centre

A stay at our medical retreat center can last for 10 days. We found this the ideal length of time to understand and effect healing in complex health conditions.

Our Integrative Medical Health Retreats program includes the following:

Before your stay commences

Before booking into our medical retreat center, we perform an initial assessment, as well as functional pathology testing, as follows.

Initial assessment:

To enable us to design a custom wellness program, our professional team gathers your health history and discusses your objectives. Our program coordinator talks to you via telehealth, providing us with a comprehensive health history, and outlines your dietary requirements for your stay.

Functional pathology testing:

Our team reviews your test results to help us paint a complete picture of your overall health and well-being. We conduct any necessary functional pathology tests, including gastrointestinal, hormonal, nutritional, food sensitivity and general pathology screening.

During your stay at our retreat centers

During your stay at our medical retreat center, your program includes consultations, therapeutic sessions, Yoga, education and nutrition, all perfectly designed for your needs. Your health team works with you to deliver a personalised plan composed of therapeutic treatments that aim to address your health condition.

After your stay at our medical retreat centers

Following your stay at one of our medical retreat centers, you’ll receive a comprehensive and easy-to-follow after-care program, as well as complete records of your consultations and diagnostic reports. Follow-up sessions are arranged via telehealth to support your continued health improvements and optimise your long-term health.

A long-term integrated approach to manage your healthcare

At The Health Lodge, we are dedicated to optimising your recovery and improving your long-term health. Learn more about staying at one of our integrative medical retreat centers at Byron Bay with the following links.