Herbal Dispensary

The Health Lodge provides a Herbal Dispensary for new and existing patients at our integrated medical centre. Our certified Naturopaths assist you with a comprehensive range of evidence-based, high quality herbal and nutritional medicines.

Working integratively with our team of Doctors, allied and complementary health practitioners, our dispensary Naturopathic team supports you with acute consultations or refers you on for more comprehensive care, where necessary.

Online Herbal Dispensary & Services Store

The Health Lodge provides an online Herbal Dispensary & Services Store where you can purchase a range of healthcare products and services. There’s also the option of a free Naturopathic consultation to assist you with purchasing online prescription-only products.

For more information, you can contact our reception on 02 6685 6445

Herbal Dispensary

Begin your healing journey

Are you feeling the initial symptoms of a cold or flu? Maybe you feel the signs of anxiety or stress or are even struggling to sleep? If so, it’s time to visit our passionate and friendly Naturopaths at The Health Lodge Herbal Dispensary.

The qualified Naturopaths at our dispensary assist you with a comprehensive range of herbal and nutritional medicines. Our extensive over-the-counter dispensary not only offers affordable prices but also professional on-the-spot healthcare advice.

Forget waiting in line at conventional medical clinics, because our certified Naturopaths help you with a variety of health concerns, such as colds and flu, post recovery from antibiotics, sleep support, acute children’s ailments, general stress and anxiety, acute tick bites, and much more.