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Honouring The Transition From Maiden to Motherhood


by Kristin Zanotti, Naturopath

The Postnatal period for a Mumma is not life as you know it; continuing with a gorgeous new bubba, life is epically and irrevocably redefined! Um… where’s the guidebook! Sure, we either know the technical stuff or work it out on the way, but what about the unspoken nuances, the honouring of changes that very physically and emotionally happen in a woman as she transitions as Dr Oscar Serrallach eloquently says “from maiden to mother”.

I’m honoured to work with Dr Oscar who has defined the new medical term “Postnatal Depletion” and thus am a part of the tradition of honouring the feminine in the sacred post birth phase. Growing and bearing life is one thing, but transitioning into the role of mumma is a complete transformation – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

The wonderful work we do at The Health Lodge supports and honours the mother. It is so important to have the time and space to allow the journey of pregnancy and birth to be told. For some women, telling their unique story is in itself very necessary and healing. Every woman’s journey is different, so the treatment offered is always unique and specialised.

Common symptoms that Mum’s often experience are:

  • Fatigue. There’s tired and then there’s TIRED!!! It breaks my heart to hear some mums feel like this and cruelly experience being so tired they become wired and can’t sleep!

  • Brain fog and memory issues. This can be very disconcerting and with the right support can be easily addressed

  • Overwhelmed! Oscar talks about the “software updates” a mother’s brain receives, great for being a super-mum but can lead to anxiety and exhaustion – brain, hormone and neurotransmitter support can help here

  • Gut, hormone or Immune dysregulation. Old symptoms can become unearthed and new conditions can crop up. We are passionate about finding underlying causes and drivers to get to the bottom of new or old conditions.

The right post-natal support can really help a Mumma not just survive but thrive! Bless, so many Mums say their motivation for support is to be the best Mum they can be for their little ones. Such sacred and important work!

An increasing number of women are having children later in life. As a result, mothers may experience a higher rate of physical consequences such as lethargy, memory disturbances and poor energy levels. This is a condition our resident GP, Dr Oscar Serrallach has coined “Postnatal Depletion”. Recovery depends upon holistically addressing and attending to a mother’s biology, psychology and life-purpose.

Postnatal Depletion can be potentially devastating for relationships and for families if not addressed. Using an integrated medical approach, Dr Oscar works exclusively with the Naturopathic and GP teams at The Health Lodge to provide personalised treatment plans for patients experiencing postnatal depletion.

Kristin Zanotti is a Naturopath and one of our Program Co-ordinators who can discuss treatment plans available for Postnatal Depletion. Book a FREE 15 minute phone session to discuss your treatment options online or phone 02 6685 64445.

*This blog features the views of the writer and is for educational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or other qualified health practitioners before acting on information on this article.

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