Halia Storay -

Halia Storay is an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a passion for finding balance and harmony within the body.

Halia Storay Dip HSc (Chinese Remedial Massage)

Halia Storay is an experienced Massage Therapist with nearly 4 years of dedicated practice. Halia just finished an Advanced Diploma of Chinese
Remedial Massage, adding depth to her expertise in women’s health, musculoskeletal and pain conditions.

Halia’s fascination with finding ways to achieve balanced health, led her on a self-discovery journey which is when she found Chinese Medicine. Rooted in a passion for finding harmony within body, mind and spirit, she brings a unique blend of massage therapy and traditional Chinese and Japanese healing practices.

Halia’s approach is devoted to creating a safe environment for clients to relax the body and nervous system, while also addressing any internal conditions and specific areas of tension.

Halia Storay

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