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Parex 50t (Metagenics)


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Parex contains herbs to help maintain healthy intestinal microbial balance, and help rid the body of parasites and intestinal worms, as used in traditional Western herbal and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Parex includes carminatives, as used in traditional Western herbal medicine, to help decrease the symptoms of dyspepsia and indigestion.


Each tablet contains: Extracts equivalent to: Punica granatum, fruit peel dry (Pomegranate) 3.3 g Artemisia annua, herb dry (Sweet wormwood) 2.0 g Juglans nigra, fruit hull fresh (Black walnut) 1.0 g Nigella sativa, seed dry (Nigella) 1.0 g Commiphora myrrha, gum oleoresin dry (Myrrh) 1.0 g Peppermint oil 25 mg

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