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Tri-Mag Supreme – Night 150g (Designs For Health)


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A nutritional and herbal formulation with sedative properties to promote sleep.
Provides 313 mg of magnesium from three sources of magnesium for enhanced physiological effect – amino acid chelate, glycerophosphate and orotate.
Includes therapeutic doses of Lavender, Passionflower and California poppy. 


Quality sleep is an essential component for maintaining overall health. The sleep-wake cycle is comprised of sleep propensity, maintenance and waking, with a normal night’s sleep involving a rhythm of about 5 cycles of slow wave and rapid eye movement sleep stages, however this varies both between and within individuals. Regulation of the sleep-wake cycle is complex relationship involving physical, chemical and genetic networks.

Inadequate sleep has been associated with a broad range of health issues including mood alterations, anxiety, impaired cognitive function, increased DNA damage and oxidative stress, impaired sperm health, elevated pain perception, reduced insulin sensitivity, altered inflammatory responses and suboptimal cardiovascular health parameters.

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