Integrative Nursing

Integrative Nursing at The Health Lodge

The Health Lodge is now offering Integrative Nurses as primary practitioners to support patients in their health and wellbeing journey. Our team of medically trained integrative nurses bring years of experience in both chronic and acute care, which allows them to effectively support patients with complex chronic health and the correlative acute concerns that can arise within a chronic ill-health experience. 

Working collaboratively with The Health Lodge’s team of Doctors, Allied Health and Complementary Medicine practitioners, your Integrative Nurse will be the bridge to enhance your care, assisting you in accessing the best modalities and synergistic treatment for your needs. 

As your primary practitioner, your Integrative Nurse will build a care team that takes into consideration the right practitioners, modalities and timing for your health needs. Our Integrative Nurses will prepare and bring your case to our team meetings, to gather the knowledge and direction of the collective integrative mind and follow up with you on the outcome and recommendations.

Nurses have always been at the centre of healthcare and caregivers in the community, and their experience, compassion and knowledge empowers them as exceptional primary practitioners and an essential element of the future of medicine, especially as we navigate the current GP shortages within Australia. 

Integrative Nurse - Miriam Agnew

Miriam is a Nurse, Midwife and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a combined experience of over 18 years. Miriam has a passion for people and supporting them in their health and healing.

Working integratively with the team at The Health Lodge, Miriam is an exceptional patient advocate that proactively supports patients in accessing the best healing modalities and team for their needs.