Enhancing Well-being: Occupational Therapists Involvement in Managing Autoimmune Conditions

Enhancing Well-being: Occupational Therapists involvement in Managing Autoimmune Conditions with Hayley Bowers Living with autoimmune conditions can present unique challenges, impacting most areas of life. Simple, everyday tasks become monumental challenges, affecting independence, social interactions, and overall quality of life. Occupational therapists (OT’s) recognise the multifaceted nature of these challenges. Whether it’s the frustration of […]

Occupational Therapy from an Integrative Lens

Introducing Hayley Bowers, Occupational Therapist. As an Occupational Therapist, Hayley supports adults and teen’s living with chronic health and mental health conditions to build function and independence in their daily tasks and lives. Hayley has been shaped by her own chronic health and healing journey, which has empowered her to understand the complexities and stressors […]