The Health Lodge - Integrated Medical Centre

Changing The Future of Medicine, Together

Over the years, the team of practitioners I have worked with during my career, from Doctors to Psychologists and Naturopaths, has grown, as has my patients’ abilities to achieve wellness. The insights I have gathered while observing the phenomenon of integrative medicine led me to envision a place where patients could receive comprehensive health care that employed a range of modalities. 

I wanted to create a haven for patients where they could receive all the treatment they needed to regain their health – a centre offering Medical, Psychological, Nutritional, Herbal and Physical support.

Today, I am excited to offer you this vision as a reality with our integrated medical clinic at The Health Lodge in Byron Bay. We are changing the future of medicine, together!

Reine DuBois – Clinical Director of The Health Lodge

Integrative Healthcare - Our Mission

It is our mission to transform the way medicine is practiced through the application of an integrative approach for solving acute and chronic physical and mental health conditions.

  • Utilising the synergistic healing effects of multiple modalities to provide comprehensive care and treatment.
  • Addressing the multifaceted needs of complex health through the coordinated application of multiple modalities.
  • Providing a patient centered model where integrative healthcare is provided based on each individual case and their presenting factors.
  • Creating a platform to further educate patients, practitioners and the broader community on the benefits of integrative healthcare.
  • Through integrative practices create and provide high performance multi-disciplinary team-based care.

Our Values

Our commitment to patients

We promise to listen and understand your health issues, work towards a timely and expert diagnosis and tailor a treatment to your unique medical needs. We will also respect your time and energy, taking a holistic and functional approach to your care.


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