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The Value of Women’s Health in Postpartum


Something I’ve learnt from Traditional Chinese Medicine is that how we support (or not) the journey of Postpartum (after birth period) determines how a mother may feel in her experience physically and emotionally in the first years of Mothering.  

Did you know many cultures have practiced a dedicated time of Mother Care for new mums for centuries?  These Traditional and Cultural practices have very specific practices and philosophies featuring:

Rest, Warmth, Nourishment, Ritual and Recognition (Village)

These principles honour the whole journey of Mothers in terms of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects that are innate to the process of childbearing.

Early Postpartum is understood to be a precious time of nurturing the mother to recovery called Zuo Yue Zi– “Sitting the Moon”.  This cultural practice acknowledges all she has given at a physical and nutritional level.  It is also unique time of healing, so the support in these early days will accelerate and potentially even improve her overall health, strength and repair of tissues. In Chinese Medicine it is referred to as “The Golden Opportunity”.

As a Chinese Medicine Doctor I utilise these principles and expand on them by offering dedicated and individualised treatment for Women, specific to their particular constitution (body type), health history, pregnancy and birth experience and health and postpartum symptoms, using techniques like herbs, diet, acupuncture and moxibustion.

But why is it that certain cultures and Traditional Medicine Systems offer this dedicated care to Mothers? 

It is thought new Mothers that receive this attention and support; every pregnancy and birth, may benefit in the following ways:

  • well-resourced to meet the challenges of the first years of Mothering and their baby’s needs
  • emotionally resilient 
  • quality and quantity of breast milk
  • physically well and strong 
  • improve menstrual and hormonal health when menstrual cycle returns
  • improved fertility for future conception
  • improved resources even for Menopause 
  • improved healing and strength of the abdomen and pelvic floor

Although in our Western culture this would appear to be a luxury, Traditional cultures often viewed this time as essential for the health and wellbeing of both mother and Child because that also ensures the health and wellbeing of the family and community at large immediately and for the future, an investment well worth the outcome.

Some of the most practical ways of achieving this is having a dedicated plan of support prepared before the arrival of the baby.  Investing in good nutrition and perhaps finding out more about cultural postpartum foods and practices that replace nutrients and minerals and support healing.

At The Health Lodge, we go one step further, combining our Postnatal Team years of experience and study in preventative strategies and optimising health and wellness:

Our Team:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 
  • Naturopathy 
  • Functional Medicine 
  • Referrals to Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Osteopathy, Chiropractic and More


If you’re wanting to optimise your health and wellbeing in pregnancy or preconception we have services and treatments programs or if you are having health issues after birth, consider an assessment and treatment plan with our team. 

What could be a better investment than in our future generation’s health and wellbeing? 

Naomi Jansson is a Registered Nurse, Chinese Medicine Doctor and Traditional Mother Care Practitioner with a passion for women’s and children’s health. 

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