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Understanding the Interconnection of Autoimmunity, Thyroid Conditions, and the Lichens in Women’s Health


with Renee Dyson-Holland

Autoimmunity is a complex web that can intricately impact various aspects of women’s health, especially when it comes to fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. One area that often goes undiscussed, that I am seeing more and more in clinical practice, and is gaining a lot more attention is the link between thyroid conditions and autoimmune disorders, such as the Lichens.

What are these Lichens you speak of?
Lichen Sclerosis and Lichen Planus are dermatological conditions causing depigmented, patchy skin, accompanied by intense itching, pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis is common, often passed of as other things, like thrush, leaving individuals grappling with the condition without proper care for sometimes years.

Recognising the Risks – Other AI Allies
You might wonder, what autoimmune disease goes hand in hand with the lichens? There’s an increased risk if you have conditions like AI thyroid related disease, anaemia, vitiligo, T1 diabetes, alopecia areata, rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease.

A holistic approach to Dermatological Dilemmas – Beyond Steroids
While conventional treatments typically involve steroid ointments and immune modifiers, a holistic strategy is gaining recognition. Its more than just the skin you’re in – its about looking at the whole picture.

Complementary Considerations for Managing AI + LS & LP
A balanced diet plays a pivotal role in supporting the immune system overall. Prioritising colourful plant-based foods, rich in prebiotic fibres, quality proteins and essential fats (ADEK). Minimise synthetic overly processed foods with additives. Gut support through supplements and dietary modifications can also contribute to overall wellbeing.

LS & LP extends beyond skin concerns, significantly affecting the quality of life, sex lives, work, and self-esteem of those affected. Awareness of the implications of LS & LP is crucial for anyone experiencing vulval itch or tissue changes, especially considering the conditions frequent misdiagnosis.

What Can a Naturopath at The Health Lodge do for me?
As Naturopaths, we adopt a comprehensive approach, investigating potential drivers and triggers. With a combination of conventional treatments and complementary medicines, my role is to support management, reduce flares, educate and improve health outcomes.

Collaborating with a holistic practitioner can provide valuable insights into digestion, identify potential drivers’ and inflammatory triggers and gain support over thyroid health.  This approach allows individuals to navigate the interconnected health challenges, regain control and enhance their overall wellbeing.

AI conditions = disordered immune response, generated by various factors, some of which include infections. Viruses like HSV, HPV, Hep C and tick-borne illness such as borrelia (which also correlates with thyroid issues) are part of the considerations.

Diving deeper, we explore medications and their contributions, even some antibiotics may confuse the immune system and certainly impact on the microbiome – gut / immune axis leading to self-attack.

Heavy metals, dietary contributions like oxalates and salicylates for some individuals may play a role too. Addressing oral, gut, vaginal and skin microbiomes and detox pathways with beautiful herbs, nutrients diet and lifestyle are necessary and supportive here.

Why are work with me?
I am particularly trained to be adequately equip to support patients in this niche area. Its quite nuanced and requires expertise, clinical judgment and TLC.

Promoting sexual wellness, without shame is a real passion of mine. Understanding that these conditions tend to not discriminate based on gender or age, allows for an open dialogue about sexual health, satisfaction and expression.

In Conclusion
Unravelling the complexities of AI conditions, thyroid health and dermatological challenges like the lichens require a multifaceted understanding and a team. By embracing awareness, normalising self-monitoring and promoting holistic wellbeing we pave the way from a more informed and empowered journey towards health.

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