The Health Lodge is a centre of integrative health professionals.

We combine the best of mainstream and complementary medicine in Byron Bay.

Integrated Medical Centre

The Health Lodge Integrated Medical Centre offers the best of both medical and complementary healthcare to our patients. This integrated model ensures that you receive a detailed and considered approach to your health, healing and wellbeing.

As a multidisciplinary and integrative healthcare practice, we aim to create a deeper understanding of your illness and the different health markers that can signal a developing picture of chronic ill-health.

The Health Lodge

Coordinated Care

Our integrative health professionals recognise that combining different modalities creates more opportunities for healing. It’s this fusion of specialised knowledge that uncovers the diverse aspects and layers of your disease, allowing our unique team of professionals to work together and optimise your health.

We have observed that the use of a combination of treatments, scheduled in the right order, creates a synergy that can magnify the individual modality effects.

Integrative Health Professionals

Working from a platform of functional medicine, our integrative doctors combine mainstream medical knowledge with biochemistry, nutrition and herbalism to uncover and treat the underlying causes of your disease.

Our general practitioners understand the intricate healing mechanisms of the human body and value an integrative approach to healthcare. Working and collaborating as a team, our integrative health professionals help to optimise and enhance your opportunities for healing.

Whether you’re fighting a cold, struggling with chronic illness or experiencing pain, our integrative health professionals prioritise your health, so you always receive the highest level of care

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy delivers healthy, safe doses of nutrients directly to your circulatory system using a drip or injection, bypassing the gut and therefore improving absorption to the cells.

A referral by one of our integrative general practitioners is required for all new patients wanting IV Vitamin Therapy. This ensures that there are no contra-indications to the therapy.

Health Dispensary

Our certified naturopaths can assist you with a comprehensive range of evidence-based, high quality herbal and nutritional medicines.

Working with our team of integrative health professionals (general practitioners and allied and complementary health practitioners), our dispensary naturopathic team offers over-the-counter consultations or are able to refer you appropriately to one of our other healthcare practitioners for more comprehensive care, if necessary.

Combined Consultations

Our integrative doctors and naturopaths work closely to share their knowledge of mainstream medicine, biochemistry, nutrition and herbalism. This combined approach to healthcare provides a greater platform for understanding the causes of your health issues.

Combined doctor and naturopath consultations are available at our Byron Bay Integrated Medical Centre, as well as across Australia via telehealth.

The Health Lodge Combined Consult

Byron Bay Health Retreats

supporting your wellbeing

Day Patient Program

Offering customised healthcare programs to both locals and visitors from remote areas.
Book a free 15min call back from one of our team to discuss how our day patient program may suit your needs.

Integrative Retreat Program

Offering a personalised 10-day base program for understanding the drivers of complex chronic health conditions.
Book a free 15min call back from one of our team to discuss our integrative retreat programs and how they may work for you.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”


It’s not until you experience ill health that you begin to understand the nuances of this quote. At The Health Lodge, we offer a new paradigm of healthcare that takes into consideration the different layers of health and combines different approaches to optimise your wellbeing.