In Patient Accommodation

Integrated Medicine - Patient Accommodation

At our Integrated Medicine Retreat, we offer you a serviced, comfortable and peaceful room with an ensuite and a beautiful deep bathtub. Other features include a comfortable queen size bed, and a clean, low-allergenic and mould free, low EMR environment. There’s also air conditioning and an air purifier, as well as drinking water from the artisan plain delivered weekly, private access to the Yoga Temple and direct access to the Integrated Medicine Clinic. 

This tranquil and private setting offers a nurturing environment for your assessments, intensive treatments and long-term wellness planning sessions. It’s a perfect healing sanctuary that caters for all your needs during your journey back to health.

In Patient Accomodation

Why Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is a world-famous wellness hub, renowned for its healing oceans, volcanically charged land, exceptional organic produce and clean air. The area attracts some of Australia’s best healthcare practitioners and our Integrated Medicine Clinic makes it the perfect place to uncover your health mysteries.

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In Patient FAQ's

To arrange your sessions you can call us on 02 6685 6445 or email us at [email protected]. We’ll book you in for a 15 minute phone consultation with one of our Naturopaths (Retreat Coordinators) to start the process.

Yes, the booking process commences with a 15 minute chat with a Naturopath (Retreat Coordinator) to determine the suitability of the retreat for your needs.

Food is medicine and your menu is designed to support the process you’ll be undertaking whilst staying at the retreat. We’ll certainly take into consideration your dietary requirements when preparing your meals, so please mention them to the retreat coordinator at the time of booking.

Yes, you need to request any additional treatments at the time of booking to ensure their availability. However, if you request additional treatments during your retreat, we’ll do our best to secure these for you.

Yes, you’re welcome to arrive on the weekend or stay longer (for an additional fee), however, our practitioners are only available Monday – Saturday.

This allows you to arrive the night before commencement of your sessions or stay the night after completion of your sessions for more flexibility. The average extra night rate is $180, but check at the time of booking, as these rates may vary.