Postnatal Depletion

What is Postnatal Depletion?

The rite of passage of becoming a mother encompasses many aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. Many mothers are often caught off guard by the massive challenge that is postnatal recovery and we are seeing an increasing number of mothers with physical and emotional consequences.

Symptoms can include lethargy, memory disturbances and poor energy levels. This is a condition that our resident GP, Dr Oscar Serrallach, has coined as Postnatal Depletion.

Recovery from Postnatal Depletion depends on holistically addressing and attending to a mother’s biology, psychology and life-purpose. Through his own research, observations and treatment of hundreds of women suffering from this condition, Dr Oscar Serrallach has developed a treatment protocol to support women in overcoming postnatal depletion.

Dr Serrallach has developed a screening and treatment protocol that addresses the requirements of fourth trimester healing, which can be applied up to a seven years after childbirth. The treatment process utilises functional medicine, taking into consideration the multifaceted nature of a mother’s hormonal health, environment and lifestyle. It addresses their needs on a physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual level.

Postnatal Depletion can be potentially devastating for relationships and families if not addressed correctly. Using an integrated medical approach, Dr Serrallach works exclusively with the Naturopathic, psychological and somatic bodywork team at The Health Lodge to provide personalised treatment plans for patients experiencing Postnatal Depletion.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Postnatal Depletion

The journey of motherhood, from pre-conception through to 2-3 years post birth, has a unique space in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Women are most cared for in the period after their baby is born and this period of time has a special name, The Golden Opportunity. During this period there is a focus on the support and nourishment of the mother and her health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture embodies this philosophy of motherhood and has treatment protocols developed to support, replenish and nourish the mother. It is especially beneficial to women experiencing postnatal depletion and the correlating heath problems.  

Our Chinese Medicine Doctor, Naomi Jansson has a special interest in supporting women and children. 

Osteopathy & Postnatal Depletion

Osteopathy is deeply nourishing for women experiencing postnatal depletion, as it can be supportive in addressing both physical and nervous system stress. 

An Osteopath can assist in pelvic alignment post birth, along with any other structural imbalances that cause pain or discomfort. Through the application of massage, stretching and gentle manipulation, our Osteopaths aim to restore balance, alignment and function to a recovering body.

Additionally, Craniosacral Osteopathy can be effective in facilitating optimal cerebrospinal fluid flow, which may provide support and rebalancing of the nervous system. Through subtle manual techniques and stretching osteopathic craniosacral therapy may improve blood flow, enhance oxygenation to the brain, and promote better neurotransmitter signalling.

By addressing the underlying physical imbalances  contributing to postnatal depletion,
osteopathy supports postnatally deplete mothers to regain their physical body.

Our Osteopaths thrive on supporting mothers.

Naturopathy & Postnatal Depletion

The birth of a child is also the birth of the mother, a new beginning where the body requires nourishment and support to meet the demands of childbirth and postpartum healing. Naturopathy assists the mother and her postnatal repletion requirements, through the tailored application of nutritional and herbal supports, combined with holistic postpartum healing philosophies.

Taking into consideration the needs of the mother and the unique space she holds in her own health and that of her child/children, naturopathy addresses the multifaceted nature of motherhood and the physical, emotional and environmental needs for healing.

Our female focussed Naturopath Renee Dyson-Holland specialises in postnatal depletion and repletion for mothers. 

Psychology & Postnatal Depletion

Becoming a new mum or adding another child to your family can bring about some strong psychological responses. Of course, with joy and celebration but also in some cases with trepidation, insecurity and fear.
Mothers are bombarded with information, telling them how to be a good mother, how to be the perfect mother, to be the super mum.  A lot of this information can be conflicting and make a mother question her own feelings. All of this can be overwhelming, add to this physical depletion and this can cause undue stress, anxiety and depression.
Psychology can support mothers to unpack their concerns and to develop/re-establish their inner confidence, to claim themselves as the expert and support them to explore blocks that may be preventing them from caring for themselves. 
Our Psychologists have a special focus in supporting mothers to realise that before they were mothers, they were women first!

Postnatal Depletion Health Consultations for international patients

Postnatal Depletion Health Consultations are available for patients outside Australia. Our team will determine your treatment plan, however, it’s a requirement that we work with your medical doctor in your country.

To book email [email protected]

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Same day: Cancellation or non-attendance on the day of your appointment will incur a charge of the full appointment fee.

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