Our Practitioners

Our team of integrated doctors and complementary medicine practitioners work together in a collaborative environment creating the opportunity for our patients to experience supportive healing. With a unique combination of practitioners working together, we fuse our knowledge to help you uncover and treat the diverse layers of disease.

Integrative Doctors

Integrative Medicine/Holistic G.P.
Dr Senani Wijesena is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Holistic G.P. specialising in Nutrition and maintenance of optimum health and well being through natural means.
Integrative GP
Dr Oscar Serrallach is the foremost expert on fourth trimester healing and the author of The Post Natal Depletion Cure. He is an Integrative GP practicing functional medicine at The Health Lodge in Byron Bay.
Integrative GP
Dr Igor Tabrizian is an integrative doctor in Byron Bay. He specialises in Nutritional Medicine at The Health Lodge, empowering his patients to fully understand the causation of their illness and the process to be undertaken on their healing journey.