Integrative Treatment & Conditions

At The Health Lodge we understand the complexity of health and disease and through our experience and application of treatment protocols, we recognise that combining different modalities creates more opportunities for healing. 

We have observed that the use of a combination of treatments, scheduled in the right order, creates a synergy that can magnify the individual modality effects for the treatment of common health concerns. 

Discover Integrative Treatment for Your Health Needs

Integrative Treatment and Coordinated Care

At The Health Lodge, we understand that navigating ill-health can be challenging and we are here to support you in your health journey. Our integrative health professionals recognise that through combining modalities we can create more opportunities for healing. 

We offer customised coordinated care programs, integrating the best modalities and treatment protocols to address your health needs.

Book a free 15min call back from one of our team to discuss how a coordinated care or day patient program may suit your needs.

As part of our treatment offerings, we provide a range of additional services for our patients at The Health Lodge