Mould & Environmental Illness

The Integrative Approach to Mould & Environmental Illness

The integrative approach to mould and environmental related illnesses addresses the complex nature of this type of disease. The illnesses themselves can take a strong hold on the body and the team at The Health Lodge work through, identification, detoxification, and underlying imbalances to create targeted treatment to address your unique presentation.

As an integrative team of practitioners we also work collaboratively with experts in the field, such as building biologists, to ensure long-term recovery and wellbeing.  

Mould & Environmental Illness

Integrative Naturopaths/GPs & Mould Illness

Our team of Integrative Doctors and Naturopaths collaborate to treat environmental illness, such as mould-related illness, through a comprehensive and holistic approach. They assess the individual’s exposure to environmental toxins, conduct appropriate testing, and evaluate symptoms and any related health conditions. 

The treatment plan may involve addressing underlying immune system imbalances, supporting detoxification pathways, and providing targeted therapies to reduce inflammation and restore balance. Dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, herbal remedies, and lifestyle adjustments may be recommended to support the body’s natural healing processes. 

Additionally, they consider environmental factors and provide guidance on reducing exposure and creating a healthier living environment. By combining their expertise, the integrative doctor and naturopath team aim to alleviate symptoms, enhance immune function, and improve overall well-being in individuals with environmental illness.

Bioresonance & Mould Illness

Bioresonance therapy offers potential support in the treatment of environmental illnesses, including mould-related illness. It is based on the concept that all living organisms emit electromagnetic waves, and imbalances in these waves can lead to health issues. 

Bioresonance devices are used to detect and analyse these frequencies, identifying areas of disharmony caused by environmental toxins like mould. By applying corrective frequencies, bioresonance therapy aims to restore balance and stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms. This therapy may help alleviate symptoms associated with mould exposure, enhance immune response, and support detoxification processes. However, it’s important to note that scientific evidence for the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy in treating environmental illness is limited, and further research is needed to validate its efficacy.

Our Bioresonance Practitioners 

Clinical Nutrition & Mould Illness

A clinical nutritionist can provide valuable support in the treatment of environmental illnesses, including mould-related illness, by implementing specialised diets such as the no amylose diet and low histamine diet. The no amylose diet focuses on eliminating foods that contain amylose, a type of starch that can potentially exacerbate symptoms in sensitive individuals. By removing amylose-rich foods like potatoes and grains, the diet aims to reduce inflammation and support immune function. Similarly, a low histamine diet aims to minimise the intake of histamine-rich foods that can trigger immune reactions. By temporarily eliminating histamine, the body can replenish its histamine-degrading enzymes and start to effectively metabolise histamine again. 

The clinical nutritionist guides individuals in identifying and avoiding specific foods while ensuring proper nutrition and vitamin support. These dietary interventions can help manage symptoms whilst supporting the body’s healing process so the reintroduction of foods is manageable.

A clinical nutritionist also uses functional testing, lifestyle intervention and nutraceutical supplementation to support this process and enhance overall well-being in individuals with mould-related environmental illnesses. 

Occupational Therapy & Mould Illness

An occupational therapist can provide valuable support to patients with environmental and mould illness by addressing the functional challenges they face in their daily lives. They can help individuals develop strategies to manage symptoms, adapt their environment, and improve their overall well-being. Occupational therapists may assess the impact of environmental triggers on the individual’s ability to perform daily activities and provide recommendations for modifications. 

Occupational Therapists can assist in developing routines, energy conservation techniques, and coping strategies to manage symptoms and enhance productivity. Additionally, they can educate patients about environmental control measures, such as proper ventilation and cleaning techniques, to minimise mould exposure. 

By addressing the unique needs of each individual, occupational therapists aim to improve quality of life and facilitate meaningful engagement in daily activities.  

Biological Dentist  & Mould Illness

A biological dentist plays a crucial role in assisting with the treatment of environmental illness, specifically related to mercury exposure, mould, and tongue tie. They prioritise biocompatible and minimally invasive dental practices. 

In the case of mercury toxicity, a biological dentist can safely remove and replace amalgam fillings, which may release mercury vapours. They also assess and address potential sources of mould in the oral cavity, such as infected root canals or periodontal disease, to prevent ongoing exposure. 

Additionally, biological dentists evaluate and treat tongue tie, a condition that can contribute to breathing and swallowing difficulties. By addressing these oral health factors, a biological dentist supports the overall well-being of individuals with environmental illness.  

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