Supporting psychological wellbeing through a deep connection with our natural environments

SUPPORTING PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLBEING THROUGH A DEEP CONNECTION WITH OUR NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS with Simon DuBois I’ve been fortunate enough to embark on an incredibly enlightening and enriching journey lately. My latest venture has led me deep into the realm of nature connectedness – a concept also known as forest bathing and Shinrin-yoku. This deepening voyage commenced […]

Stress management techniques can make all the difference

    By Bee Osborne, Naturopath With the Bureau of Statistics revealing 75% of Australians experience stress related health effects, it is clear that stress has become a part of the modern human experience. Of those polled 51% said they were not seeking help to address their stress and the most common coping mechanism for […]

Staying Healthy During the Silly Season

    By Emily Holler December. The most highly anticipated, dreaded and exciting month of the year! Between work Christmas parties, vacations and New Years Eve frivolities, not to mention the veritable feast we all partake in on Christmas Day itself, it becomes quite a challenge to maintain the healthy habits we have painstakingly adhered […]

Sun Safety and the Importance of Vitamin D

    By Emily Holler In Australia we’ve had the ‘slip, slop, slap’ mantra drummed into us all our lives and it’s no wonder with such alarming statistics relating to skin cancer: Approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer by the time they reach the age of 70 […]

10 Self-Care Practices for Wellbeing

By Emily Holler As summer approaches and we start to see Christmas themed displays popping up all over the place, we are once again hit with the (somewhat frightening) realisation that another year is drawing to a close. The festive season is approaching and a brand new year is on the foreseeable horizon (eek!). This […]