Unraveling the MCAS Connection

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) has emerged as a pivotal factor in understanding the intricacies of many of the complex chronic health conditions we treat – like CIRS, CFS, POTS, EDS, Long-Covid, and TBD. 

Mast cells, the guardians of our immune system, possess immense power in regulating inflammation and immune responses. Yet, in MCAS, these cells become excessively activated, releasing an array of chemical mediators that wreak havoc on our bodies. 

Integrative Naturopath Reine DuBois and Clinical Nutritionist Jessie Johns discuss how the pieces of MCAS fit together and treatment options to address it and the correlating health concerns that arise. 

Reine DuBois is a functional medicine practitioner and has worked integratively with doctors since graduating as a naturopath in 1998.  Reine is one of Australia’s leading integrative naturopaths, founder of The Health Lodge and has lectured for ACNEM, AIMA, MINDD and ANS on the powerful method of integrative medicine. Reine knows that if we work together to solve the chronic health conditions that remain a mystery to modern day medicine, we will develop a new paradigm of health solutions. She has special interests in chronic illness and complex conditions, tick borne disease, mould related illnesses, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and heavy metal toxicity.

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Jessie Johns is a Clinical Nutritionist that has a deep understanding of how the food we eat impacts our health and wellbeing. Jessie investigates a client’s case and how their body is functioning at a biochemical level. She views the body as a whole and therefore practices with a root cause approach to healing. 

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