We all want total wellness, where we not only enjoy good health but energy, vitality and happiness.

Stress, inadequate diet, environmental and genetic factors, chemicals and other modern-day challenges can take us away from that state of being.

At The Health Lodge, we are dedicated to you, the patient, and helping bring you back to a place of wellness.

Our award-winning clinic combines the best of mainstream and holistic medicine so that you have access to treatments that care for every aspect of your health.

From doctors, naturopaths and acupuncturists to physiotherapists, psychologists and osteopaths we offer our patients 16 health practitioners working together in the one, convenient clinic and in conjunction with our specialised, on-site retreats.

You have the choice of an individual approach to your wellness solution, booking an appointment for a single service, or we can arrange for you to work with multiple practitioners who collaborate on complex health issues so you can benefit from their collective knowledge.

You can feel confident about putting your health in our hands because we will:

  •       Spend time listening to and understanding your condition
  •        Make very effort to provide a timely and expert diagnosis and treatment plan
  •       Take both a holistic and a function approach to your care
  •       Take the anxiety out of getting well if you have a complex condition - you only have to explain your condition once
  •        Treat your issues with complete confidentiality

The Health Lodge is a leader in combining medical and holistic healthcare to achieve positive results for its clients.

Let us help you come back to wellness.