Dr Ann-Mary Amber -

Dr Ann-Mary Amber is focussed on providing integrative medical solutions for patients. She works integratively with each patient and the team of practitioners at The Health Lodge, to ensure her patient’s access effective healthcare and modalities to enhance and support their healing.

Dr Ann-Mary Amber MD, BSc(Med), Registered Nurse, Naturopath

As an integrative Doctor, initial appointments with Dr Ann-Mary are always combined with one of The Health Lodge’s Naturopaths or Clinical Nutritionists. The initial consultations are designed this way to permit true integrative care, where Dr Ann-Mary manages both your medical needs and oversee your unique nutritional and lifestyle contributing health factors. A combined session permits the team to effectively delve into your case with detail and collaborative follow-up care. One on one appointments with Dr Ann-Mary are available, once your treatment plan is fully established.

Dr Ann-Mary Amber is a passionate integrative doctor with extensive experience and knowledge of integrative healthcare, which began with completion of her General Nursing training at Gosford District Hospital in 1984. She then gained 12 years experience working in hospitals, private nursing and palliative care in Australia and overseas. 

Dr Ann-Mary’s strong passion for people and holistic care inspired her to study and qualify as a Naturopath at Naturecare College, St Leonards, Sydney in 1996, and she continued to enhance her skillset by completing a certificate in Female Sexual Health with NSW Family Planning in 1998. After nearly 35 years working primarily in a nursing and educator capacity Ann-Mary went on to complete a Medical Degree at University for Newcastle in 2021. 

Passion, commitment and experience are central to Dr Ann-Mary’s approach to healthcare. She understands the complexity of health from a medical perspective and combines this with her extensive experience with patient care. She has many years of experience with patient care having run a number of successful Nutritional Medical Centres in Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and Ocean Shores. 

She has been a presenter and an Education Committee member for ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine) since 1999. In 2007 Ann-Mary accepted the role of education Co-ordinator with ACNEM, where she was an integral part of their education team and its many programs. This role allowed her to develop and utilise considerable skills as integrative medicine program co-ordinator, group facilitator and lecturer. 

Ann-Mary has been part of the Biological Therapies support network and the Australasian College of Medical Nutrition since its inception and has played roles in face to face training and developing guidelines for the safe and effective use of intravenous nutrients. Ann-Mary has also given support to many new and emerging clinics giving practical advice on settng up Intravenous clinics safely and professionally. 


Combined consultation fees:

  • Initial 45 minute combined consult $285 (45 minutes with the Naturopath/Clinical Nutritionist & 30 minutes with Dr Ann-Mary)
  • 30 minute combined follow-up $240 (30 minutes with Dr Ann-Mary and the Naturopath/Clinical Nutritionist)
  • Visit our price list for further fee information



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At The Health Lodge, our Integrative Doctors (GPs) in Byron Bay are committed to giving you a level of health care that combines a medical and holistic approach. They practice functional medicine, a discipline focused on treating the underlying causes of disease, rather than on the symptoms alone. With a strong knowledge of how to successfully combine complementary and allied healthcare, our professional team is at the forefront of functional healthcare. 

This collaborative and integrative approach ensures that you receive multiple treatment modalities and the collective knowledge of a dedicated team of professionals.