How Osteopathy Can Help To Thaw Out Your Frozen Shoulder

HOW OSTEOPATHY CAN HELP TO THAW OUT YOUR FROZEN SHOULDER with Richard Hillard Osteopathy offers numerous benefits for individuals dealing with frozen shoulder, a condition also known as adhesive capsulitis, characterised by pain and restricted movement. Through a combination of specialised techniques, osteopathic treatments provide relief, improve mobility, enhance circulation, offer a customised approach, and […]

Treating children, with Osteopathy

Because an osteopath uses a wide variety of techniques that are gentle and non-invasive, it is a really well-suited treatment option for children. Babies worldwide are now being checked by osteopaths at birth and quickly after, helping counteract any issues that may have arisen during birth. Our bodies are constantly adapting to stressors, and this […]

Suffering from pelvic pain? Osteopathy can help.

Osteopathy can help with so many conditions, but if you’re suffering from pelvic pain then this is worth a read. One of the fundamentals of osteopathy is to treat the whole person, rather than the symptoms. However, by treating the whole person, symptoms are also addressed! An osteopath takes an approach to wellness by understanding […]

Approaches to Pain Relief: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

By Emily Holler Pain is a universal language. We all experience it at one time or another as it’s an unavoidable aspect of residing in our human body. It can manifest as very intense, acute pain such as that of childbirth or a broken bone, while some of us endure it daily with chronic conditions […]

Why an MRI could actually make your back pain worse

by Simon Sullivan BHSc MOstMed Back pain is the most common reason that people visit an Osteopath, it is so ubiquitous that 80% of us will experience back pain sometime in our lives. So it makes sense that we should get all the information we can about our backs so we can make the best […]