Masterclass on Traditional Wisdom of Slow Postpartum with Naomi Jansson. 

This video is an introduction to traditional philosophy and Naomi’s work with mothers, families and children – through the stages of preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Naomi explores how we meet the fundamental health needs of mothers, to ensure the foundations are strong for that motherhood journey – for both mother and baby.

Naomi Jansson is a Registered Nurse, Chinese Medicine Doctor and Traditional Mother Care Practitioner with a passion for women’s and children’s health. 

Naomi uses her unique skill set, having completed both a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and Traditional apprenticeship in Japanese Traditional Medicine both in Australia and Japan for over 10 years with Master Practitioners.  Your session is designed to address the fundamental imbalance or disharmony whilst also deeply supporting the nervous system in rest, allowing the subtle body system

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