Brooke Carter -

Brooke is a passionate (ICPKP) internationally certified Kinesiologist guiding you to your ultimate health and well being. Helping restore balance and harmony in the body physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally, and spiritually.

Brooke Carter Kineseology

Kinesiology is a holistic health modality blending science, Western techniques (Chiropractic) and Eastern wisdom (traditional Chinese medicine).

We believe that the human body is mega powerful and can heal itself given the right structure, environment, nutrition, body awareness, and mental and emotional maintenance.

Brooke uses gentle muscle testing (in person) and surrogation (online) as a translator to access unique information from your body about your overall well being. She can identify your body’s priority needs and help you guide your  body back to homeostasis.

Addressing pain, stress, nutrition, sensitivities/allergies, subconscious sabotages, over/under energies, learning difficulties, trauma, stored emotions, muscular and nervous system imbalances, relationships, confidence, and overall untapped potential! Empowering you to be your highest and healthiest self!

Brooke Carter Kinesiologist Byron Bay

At The Health Lodge, our Integrative Doctors (GPs) in Byron Bay are committed to giving you a level of health care that combines a medical and holistic approach. They practice functional medicine, a discipline focused on treating the underlying causes of disease, rather than on the symptoms alone. With a strong knowledge of how to successfully combine complementary and allied healthcare, our professional team is at the forefront of functional healthcare. 

This collaborative and integrative approach ensures that you receive multiple treatment modalities and the collective knowledge of a dedicated team of professionals.