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Allergies: Easing-Sneezing on my European Adventure


As a Naturopath and Bioresonance Practitioner, I have an armamentarium of tools available to quell ailments as they surface. But, despite experiencing mild hayfever for years, I hadn’t sought relief from my personal apothecary. I catalogued these symptoms away in the ‘I’ll deal with it later’ aisle and ignored the runny nose and sore eyes. That is, until a holiday beckoned. 

I hadn’t travelled to Europe in years, but when I was last there, I was sight-seeing with a tissue box in hand, resembling someone who had just suffered a great loss. Safe to say, my mild hayfever in Australia went up a notch in Europe.

Fortunately, at 3 am one morning, about a week before I was due to fly out, I awoke to this memory. Grateful for the reminder (not so much the middle-of-the-night timing), I dug out my favourite gut formula, a herbal tincture, some liposomal vitamin C, and squeezed in a bioresonance session before I left.

I took all my goodies, including my bioresonance drops (which continue the benefits of the session for weeks post-appointment), into my 20-something kilo bag, hoping I’d done enough to survive the European summer. 

The outcome? I had a runny nose for the first few days and then it completely dried up – no itching, no sneezing, no tissues required for the remaining six weeks. Did my friends look like they had suffered a great loss? Yes. Did I? No. Was I smug? Extremely. Until I was eaten alive by Italian bugs.

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Naomi Danaher  is an Integrative Naturopath and Bioresonance Practitioner at The Health Lodge. and is committed to supporting her clients in a truly holistic manner. She takes a comprehensive, yet gentle approach to health management and wellbeing.

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