How Osteopathy Can Help To Thaw Out Your Frozen Shoulder

HOW OSTEOPATHY CAN HELP TO THAW OUT YOUR FROZEN SHOULDER with Richard Hillard Osteopathy offers numerous benefits for individuals dealing with frozen shoulder, a condition also known as adhesive capsulitis, characterised by pain and restricted movement. Through a combination of specialised techniques, osteopathic treatments provide relief, improve mobility, enhance circulation, offer a customised approach, and […]

Suffering from pelvic pain? Osteopathy can help.

Osteopathy can help with so many conditions, but if you’re suffering from pelvic pain then this is worth a read. One of the fundamentals of osteopathy is to treat the whole person, rather than the symptoms. However, by treating the whole person, symptoms are also addressed! An osteopath takes an approach to wellness by understanding […]

Addressing pain with low-level laser therapy (cold therapy)

By Sam Gill, Chiropractor Most healthcare providers and patients are often looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical therapies when addressing various, acute and chronic, painful and inflammatory conditions. When inflammation becomes chronic it places the body under constant stress. This can interfere with your body’s healthy tissue function, resulting in permanent pain and disability, and can […]

Infrared Sauna to help support chronic pain

    Written by Bec Farah, Naturopath At The Health Lodge we actively seek innovative ways to better improve our patient outcomes; we’re excited to introduce our new Sun Stream infrared sauna and share the many benefits, particularly for chronic pain.  The uses of saunas have been around for a long time and are deeply […]