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Children’s and Family Health with Luke Szabo


When it comes to kids’ health and wellbeing, the foremost priority of loving parents is wanting to see their children grow up happy and healthy.  Every day I see amazing Mums, Dads and Caregivers in my clinic looking to better support their children’s health needs, be it a general nutritional assessment or treatment for major complex conditions.  I love helping these kids regain or optimise their health, it truly is my passion.

But…one consistent pattern I have observed from many years working in Paediatric Naturopathy is that kids get much, much faster and longer lasting results when parents invest in their own health needs alongside their children’s.  Yes, it’s true!

The old story goes “once my child gets better, then I can focus on my health”, this is a very common tale that I hear a lot.  Deep down I know you know this, but parents are THE KEY to a child’s health.  You’re the one reading this on your child’s behalf right now, right?  Right! So what if parents are battling their own health challenges alongside their childs?  Well, it definitely makes things significantly more challenging when you need to show up 100% day in day out for your child’s health needs.  So what to do..?

Well… you may not know, but I offer Family Health Consultations for up to 2 parents and up to 3 children per household in a 2 hour session to ensure every family member gets the support, education and help they desperately need and deserve.  

This saves a family of five over a thousand dollars in appointment costs as their initial appointment is grouped, rather than needing five separate individual appointments.  I designed my Family Consultations this way as many of the environmental, nutritional and lifestyle factors run through the whole family, not just one individual, for example, did you know that people in households often share the same microbiome colonising their gut which is a major consideration in many chronic health concerns.

I am offering these Family Consultations to ensure faster results for children, less burnout for parents, and a more cost effective and streamlined, family friendly approach to optimise whole family health and wellbeing.


Well to best help kids we need to support parents and the household environment kids grow up in.  This includes whole family nutrition education, household toxin assessment, optimising sleep and activity scores, and supporting mental and emotional wellbeing at home.

I get it, your kid is a fussy eater and you’re currently cooking 4 separate meals to accommodate everyone.  Or your eldest is a night owl and the youngest catches every cold and gastro that runs through your school each Winter.  And you’re working 2 jobs and juggling a hundred tasks while doing the best you can and you feel you’re on the verge of crashing.  Take 3 deep breaths and read on, I promise I’ve got you!

Before we continue, a little about me and what you can expect in your first family consultation.  My name is Luke, I’m an Integrative Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Senior Practitioner at The Health Lodge Integrated Medical Centre, Co-owner of Little Earth Health Natural Health Clinic and the owner of The Vagus Nerve Clinic operating from Byron Bay.  I’ve been in practice over 10 years working with families and optimising my patients’ health.

Clinical Nutrition and Children The Health Lodge Byron Bay

In your initial family consultation appointment we will cover EVERYTHING!  Medical history, diet, lifestyle, symptoms, treatments, the lot.  No stone left unturned.  From here, both a whole family plan AND an individual plan for each person (parents and kids) is designed, tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

For complex cases requiring testing, this will be discussed during the initial appointment.  For most kids (and some adults 🙂 blood tests are out of the question, it’s hard enough to get them to sit still, let alone with a needle in their arm.  So I offer some of the most non invasive and advanced Functional Medicine testing available in Australia for kids, which includes:

  • Complete Microbiome Map (faecal sample) for anything gut, brain (yes brain), or autoimmune related.
  • Hair Tissue Analysis (hair sample) to assess toxic metals and essential minerals, particularly important for kids.
  • Organic Acids Testing (urine sample) to assess energy, intracellular nutrition, brain chemistry, gut health, toxic load and more.
  • Nutrigenomic Testing (saliva sample) to assess underlying genetic susceptibilities and how nutritional and lifestyle can impact these genes specific to the individual.


For parents, the above tests may also be useful plus we may investigate general blood pathology, advanced hormone testing, food intolerance testing, advanced immune system testing and more if needed.  Not all patients need testing, many don’t, but we have things covered if needed.

Whether you have a child with a chronic illness, are feeling burnt out yourself, can’t get the family onboard with a healthy eating program, or just want to optimise your families health, start making the change today and get in contact.

I cannot wait to meet you and your family to start supporting your health and wellbeing journey.


Yours in Health,

Luke Szabo

Integrative Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist


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