Infrared Sauna

What is infrared sauna therapy?

An infrared sauna emits light that penetrates the cells, tissues and muscles of the body and stimulates healing and the release of toxins. It’s a dry sauna, which is different to a traditional steam sauna and can be used for both healing and relaxation.

Improve your wellbeing

Our infrared sauna can be used in conjunction with Bodywork (Lymphatic Massage, Acupuncture and Osteopathy), Colonic Hydrotherapy and IV Vitamin Therapy to enhance and deepen the detox and healing process. The Sun Stream Sauna uses high-quality heaters that emit virtually no EMFs, ensuring that you receive the best quality treatment.

Benefits of infrared sauna therapy

There are many health benefits from using our infrared sauna in Byron Bay, including the following:

  • Full cell detox: Raising your core temperature promotes blood flow to your organs and begins a detox that starts at the cellular level and reaches the whole body.
  • Pain relief: Improved circulation and oxygenation leads to reduced spasms and less inflammation and pain in joints and muscles.
  • Immunity: As your core temperature rises it boosts your immune system and strengthens your immune response. 
  • Muscle recovery: Increased circulation and oxygenation helps muscles heal faster and reduces the recovery phase following exercise.
  • Fluid retention: Increased sweating helps to remove excess fluid from the cells, reducing fluid retention, bloating and puffiness.
  • Toxicity/Detoxification: Increased sweating leads to the release of harmful toxins that have built up over time, including heavy metals, alcohol and nicotine.
  • Weight loss: Increased temperature and circulation leads to sweating and a boost to your metabolism that results in higher calorie usage and weight loss.
  • Chronic fatigue: Increased cardiac output and the release of endorphins reduces muscle and joint pain in sufferers of chronic fatigue.

Contraindications of infrared sauna therapy

Prior to booking an infrared sauna in Byron Bay, please consult your family GP if you believe that any of the following conditions apply to your situation.


Hydration is a central element for flushing and removing toxins and is required before, during and after each session in the sauna. A pinch of sea salt or alkalising minerals also assists the detox process. Mineral sachets are available to purchase.

Showers & Towels

Showers are available, although we recommend that you don’t shower immediately after your sauna, as the detox process can continue for up to an hour. For hygiene reasons, a towel must be used at all times. You may use your own towel or hire a towel.

Costs per session


At our infrared sauna in Byron Bay, we offer 10 session packs for the price of 9. There are no refunds available on these bundles and they are not transferable between session lengths.